Me, myself and I.

Badum... tshh!

Hi. I’m Pedro — “Mau” for friends — and I am a Digital Art Director & Designer from Portugal. I’m also a kickass drummer. 4Real, yo!

I currently work as a Digital Design Consultant at Accenture Interactive, in Lisbon – Portugal. I’m a pixel perfect maniac, and I like to learn new stuff everyday.
With more than 10 years background in graphic and online media design I’ve worked with global brands like Citroën, Peugeot, Toshiba and many, many more. I started designing and coding stuff, when my first band needed a website.

Haven’t stopped since then.

Here’s some of my everyday workout:

When I’m not working, I play drums, compose music, watch (thriller and horror) movies, hang out with friends… stuff like that.
I have a band called WELLS VALLEY where I play drums, and also a solo project called KNEEL where I (try to) play guitar, bass and drums.


That’s pretty much it.